First shower after 8 days and 800 kilometers

Inspired by an austrian cyclist who enjoyed his first shower after had cycled more than 1.000 kilometers through west sahara i tried to do something similiar.


And yes - it works! Tired of dirty bathrooms in guesthouses, spending less money for accommodation and being closer to the nature, these were my main reasons for what i did in the last 9 days.


And it was unbelievalbe wonderful!


I stopped where i wanted to stop or when i felt tired and exhausted. I camped on the most beautiful places with incredible views, crystal clear nights with thousands of gleaming stars above my head. My evening chilling music were the noise of the animals, some nights the barking dogs or the "kikeriki" of the roosters...



Twice i had to ask farmers to camp in front of their houses, because it was getting dark without i´ve found the right place for the night. It costs my a few beers and a beautiful evening with the one farmer and i couldn´t denie to give my watch as a gift to the other farmer´s boy. I was not happy with that watch from the beginning on, so it´s not a big loss and one technical thing less to get angry about...


"Collect moments not things..."



It seems still a little bit dangerous in laos because of the hidden bombs and mines in the ground.



My big target was not accessible, because a new dam stopped me after 49 kilometers and i had to cycle back the whole way. But i experienced a wonderful landscape and yes, i think i was the first cyclist on that dead end road...;-)



So after i cycled into the wrong direction on my first single cycling day without mike, who headed back to thailand, i also decided to ride south. On the second day i faced a really dusty and bumpy road. But i liked it...



Yesterday i arrived in Savannaketh and got my first shower after 800 kilometers and 8 nights in my tent. Today is a rest day for me. I bought a spare saddle, because mine is damaged again and it was not a pleasure to ride on more or less steel for the last 150 kilometers.


From here it is about 400 kilometers to the mekong 4.000 islands, where i plan to celebrate my birthday and from there it is a few kilometers to cambodia...



The time out there in the nature has changed something in me.


I discovered a few new things within me and feel different after that great experience. Keen to do it again and again...


Needless to say that i recognized what a great and simple life i´ve choosed...


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    eddy cycling bastard (Mittwoch, 08 Februar 2017 06:47)

    Great Dirk! No other words needed.

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    Michael (Dienstag, 14 Februar 2017 10:25)

    Hallo Dirk,
    wünsche dir Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
    Viel Freude und Zufriedenheit und noch jede Menge schöne Begegnungen und erfüllende Momente für Dich auf dieser wirklich außergewöhnlichen Tour!

    Kompliment auch für deine Reisebeschreibung. Ich lese deinen Blog regelmäßig und finde deine Beiträge (fast ;-) ) immer sehr gelungen und anschaulich.

    Liebe Grüße
    Michael von der Südseite der Alpen