S-21 Genocide Museum - it will happen again...


This morning in Phnom Penh.

A young instructor told me the procedure of visiting the museum.



Me: "why i am allowed to take fotos form outside the museum but not from inside?"


He: "Because it is the rule"


Me: "A rule? That will never an answer for me"


„Anderssein ist unanständig. Die Masse vernichtet alles, was anders, was ausgezeichnet, persönlich, eigenbegabt und erlesen ist. Wer nicht ‚wie alle‘ ist, wer nicht ‚wie alle‘ denkt, läuft Gefahr, ausgeschaltet zu werden.“

– José Ortega y Gasset: Der Aufstand der Massen , Hamburg 1956, S. 12



"Die Geschichte lehrt die Menschen, daß die Geschichte die Menschen nichts lehrt.


Mahatma Ghandi



After two hours when i left the museum, i was totally overwhelmed by the experience and the pictures, the stories and everything.


I just wanted to get my bike and cycle away. Just in that moment, when i tried to unlock it, a security guy asked my for the receipt i got, before i went into the museum.


I said: "i don´t know, it doesn´t matter..." - but the guy was asking again and again.


My thoughts were that far away and this guy had nothing else to do then asking for a receipt?


Because it is his job?

Because it is the procedure?


I shouted at him: "Do you thing i am caring about a f...... receipt after i´ve seen those things inside the prison?"



Guess what i believe? Kinds of such genocides will happen again. In Cambodia, in germany, somewhere in the world.


"No hope for human beings." that was what Greg, my cycle buddy in the last days, said to me.


And i have to agree.



Sheeps, followers and "yes-sayers".


And at the end nobody was part of it.


We are really the biggest disease of all.


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