Why Ralf denied my offer and will still stay in jail


I am more than convinced that there is something which is named suncream. But, because of one of my biggest weakness, maybe i thought that i am stronger then the sun. I am not. Look to that picture and you will see that i burned myself that much yesterday when i start cycling from Bangkok in direction to the south. But another weakness that could also be a strength helped me through half of the night (writing this article it´s 3 AM): i do not feel that much pain, when i am hurt.


However, after 109 km on the road i was lucky again. Found a 500 Baht (12,54€) room in Ang Sila quite opposite to the beach and a lot of small nice fish restaurants.


So my day was kind of successfull. It was not that difficult to find out how to leave Bangkok by cycle. Did it almost on the old Nr. 3 Highway. Like sometimes before i decided to leave on a sunday morning, because there is not that much traffic inside and outside the city. A lot of Thais used the day for a picnic with their families in the recreation areas or went fishing. Got invited some times, when they saw me cyclng along.


Had only a black coffee in the morning before i start my tour and took lunch at 3 PM. A big dish filled with rice and same prawns for 80 Baht (2 €). The rest was more or less relaxed cycling. Never expected to do more then 100 kms on my first day.


"But why not - Coconut ?" like the nepalis say...;-)



I was illegal. 

Caused by others.

And i was just lucky to have friends and relatives who helped me to get out of that hole.


Not more and not less.


Just lucky.


Others do not have that luck. They might have to die...


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