What´s wrong with you guys ? You wanna kill us???


Before it happened, a big indian army truck tried to push me from the street. Minutes after i was hit, two other car drivers didn´t gave any cent about my life when they overtook other cars driving directly towards me. If i would not have left the highway they would have killed me. I looked directly into the eyes of one of the drivers, a young nepali guy, he was totally busy with reachings his goal. Being 5 seconds faster at home. Not seeing me. Not caring about me. Unbelievable. I felt like a deer hunted by humans.


Back to my accident:


It happened in a small town, where all those jeeps and buses had to stop because of traffic and stopping for passengers. So i cycled along the cars when one jeep driver started again, never expected that someone like me, with a smaller vehicle, will come from backside. So he didn´t looked into his mirror. I anticipated what will happened and shouted loud. Too late. He hit me and i felled under my bike, wondering in the next moment that i felt no pain.


The next seconds i was back on my feets and collected so much bad kharma that it will last for my next 1.000 lives, shouting at the driver who cared more - suprise, surprise - about his ugly car.


Believe me, if you will not look into your cars mirrors i will tear it off and through it to your head next time. I will damage your cars. That gives you pain. I know how your brains works.


It´s one of my biggest challenges in life - not to become angry - today i failed...


I am done!


Your are angry about us? You know what? If we hit you, your car might be damaged a little bit. If you hit us, as a cyclist, we will be almost killed!


Stop playing with us. Don´t see us as moving targets. Are you crazy???



* the photo is not showing my accident...never thought about taking a picture...too much adrenaline...



It´s like a wonder: i got not injured, my bike was not damaged...but the jeep lost the hubcap on the wheel with which he hit me...


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