Red light - not only in the sky - also in Pattaya !

It might be one of the most wonderful pictures i´ve ever took.


Made in the evening of the 10th of january in Ang Sila, when i went to a fish restaurant for dinner. Sat down, took my Panasonic-FT4 Lumix and choosed the setup function for sunset. Three pictures, one was the left one. Wow! Really impressed by my little camera.


Because of my sunburned body and the 109 km i did, i was totally exhausted and therefore went really early to bed, which means something around 8 o´clock PM. Falled asleep immediately. But then woked up at 3:00 AM. So i started writing my online diary named blog. You read it yesterday.


After having finished writing i got the idea to brush my teeth. But when i opened the bathroom door and switched on the light i saw that i am not alone. Something moved on the floor. A really big cockroach.


I mean even smaller then me, but big enough not to enter the room and leave the hotel at 7 pm with a kind of a not fresh taste in my mouth. But who cares. I didn´t expect that i will kiss a girl that day.


So i started cycling to Pattaya. After having breakfast in a small restaurant near by the street (egg in a pan with toast, butter and black coffee) i did well the first 30 kms but then it starts raining more and more heavy and i got wet trough and trough. Also got tired. So i stopped at a typical thai bus station covered by a wood roof, put my legs on the backrack of my bike and laid down for a nap watched by a street dog who was having his first meal of the day out of some plastic bags.


After a while a thai guy disturbed me in my dreams. But at the end i was really grateful because he makes me aware that during my sleep my outdoor camera has fallen to the ground. So i put the camera back into one of my bags and continued sleeping until the rain has stopped.


Still additional 20 kms to cycle. Not a big thing. Pattay welcomes me with sun. Went into a hotel for a iced black coffee and start trying to find out where i am and which is the best place to go to.


Ended up in Jomtien Beach, after i got an overview of this popular city of sex tourism cycling along the beach of Pattaya city: thousands of tattooed men, younger ones, retired older ones with their thai girls or boy friends. Took a short cut through "walking street" which was actually cleaned up from the night before Does not prevent a few people to have their first beer at noon.


A few hundred meters after the red light district i got impressed a lot because of the hundreds of speedboats which are lying here in the harbour or get slipped in or of the water.


Pattaya is not what i really like, but the Wi-Fi is fast and available everywhere, the room is cheap and clean and i have to write invoices to my customers, so i will stay one day longer before i head to Rayong.


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